Sweets and snaks with midha – indian recipe

Sweets and snaks with midha – indian recipe

Indian women’s try to make different sweets with sugar syrup. They think sweets and some snacks always available in their homes because sometimes guests come suddenly when we don’t have time for preparing for them so when this type of food sweets or snacks helpful to housewives…so they always stocked some save foods.like made with sugar…
most of  the women make sweets with sugar syrup and maidha pindi
Indian Sweets with sugar syrup|midha Pindi-white flour

shankuses with white flour and sugar syrup:


  1. Two cups white flour(midha pindi)
  2. milk 1/2 liter
  3. sugar 1/2 kg
  4. cardamom 5 to 6
  5. Oil for frying


Preparation method:


firstly boil the milk and wait for some time milk comes normal temparecher.


Now milk adding to maidha flour ( maidha pindi) it comes with chapathi pindi and also adds the cardamom powder in that maidha pindi


After that, we make a roti and do this spring rolls and cut small sizes pieces for small size chapati or puri

and make small roti cut the middle in roti sometimes and the role the roti


Now  all prepared by shankues with maidha Pindi  and fry all shankuses


get one bowel and add sugar and 1 1/2 to 2 glasses of water put in the stove cook 10 to 15 mins … sugar melts then whenever frying shankuse dip in the sugar syrup directly.wite 1 or 2 mins the serve to eat.