Savyasachi telugu movie review – first day box office collections

Savyasachi telugu movie review – first day  box office collections

Savyasachi Telugu movie:

Savyasachi telugu movie is a Naga Chaitanya new movie. Premum movie director Chandoo mondeti does this movie. Naga Chaitanya and Nidhi Agrawal play the hero and heroin roles. K. Madhavan hero plays a negative role in this movie and M.M Keeravani is music director of this movie. Vennela Kishore is a part of this movie in a comedy role and Bhumika Chawla in a special support role. this movie produces under mythri movie makers. producers Naveen.y, c.v Mohan and y. Ravi Shankar.

Savyasachi telugu movie story:

Naga Chaitanya plays as Vikram, Aditya and Nidhi play Chithra role in this movie.  they born at the same time as twins with the reason of vanishing twin syndrome at one body.  Vikramaditya likes his sister {bhumik} daughter Mahalaxmi.  Vikram feels his mother lives in his niece. so he Indulges his niece. one day suddenly Mahalaxmi was kidnapped. so the main story depends on this story. who is the kidnapper… why do this kidnap are any connections with this kidnap. how to save his niece from kidnappers. this is the story

Savyasachi Telugu movie review:

Once again naga Chaitanya proves his acting talent with a double role in this savyasachi telugu movie. His looks very fresh and also mass. His attractive audience with acting and comedy scenes. Vennela Kishore and Naga Chaitanya between the comedy scenes pulse points. Nidhi also did the job with her role.  K.Madhavan also turning to his side audience with is acting in a negative role.  other all the actors also did a very good job in their roles.

savyasachi telugu movie
Naga Chaitanya in savyasachi







Chadoo mandeti is directing this movie. he chose a different story but he did not complete the concept.  He didn’t showen best scenes between Chaitanya and Madhavan. He doesn’t show bettas fight scenes between hero and villain. M.M Keeravani music also averages of this movie but the background music is good. the cinematography is also average of this savyasachi.

finally, we should watch this movie at one time. auditions 3 stars given for this savyasachi telugu movie.

Savasachi telugu movie first day collections:

savyasachi telugu movie first day running successfully. Before that this movie tesouras and trailers create big higfe. These movie promotions are also a good reason for movie success. a multi fuels response comes from the audience. This movie USA premier shows responses also good form audience. Savyasachi telugu movie released in 87 locations in usa and total collections is $74667 at November 1. Naga chaitanya last movie sailaja reddy alludu movie collections $107448 and premam movie collections $74219. let’s see the savyasachi beet his  last movie records. Finally, savyasachi  telugu movie first day grocery amount is 2.9 crores.  let’s see the weekend collections. How much get the collections and where it is standing in Telugu box office.