Indian snacks food Kobbari vadalu

 Indian snacks food Kobbari vadalu

 Indian snack food Kobbari vadalu:

Indian snacks food Kobbari vadalu is one of them. It is very tasty to eat in monsoon time. Everyone liked to eat Kobbari vadalu. This recipe comes from our grandmothers. They use coconuts in pooja time after they utilize to like this. We should learn how to utilize food items then we should not waste the food.

I learned this recipe from one of my relatives. One day I went to their home at evening time. She gives this  Indian snack food Kobbari vadalu for me. That was so tasty and spicy. So I asked her how to prepare this recipe and witch ingredients’ wants to this recipe. She spooked all the process of kobbari vadalu.

I was done made in this  Indian snacks recipe it comes good testy. So I will share this recipe for who wants to the Eat spicy snacks at evening time.

Now we go to the recipe details.

 Indian snacks food Kobbari vadalu:


Desiccated Coconut -2

Green chili-15 to 20


Curry leaves -1 handful

Garlic -1

Cumin seeds



Oil for defraying

Preparation method

Step 1: coconut, red chillis, curry leaves, coriander, garlic, and cumin seeds, salt all items in blender jar.

Step 2: Add rice flour, baking soda and some water for {water quantity chooses to the doing vada}.

 Indian snack food Kobbari vadalu
Indian snack food Kobbari vadalu










Step 3: heat oil in the deep pan for defraying

Step 4: pick up the small portions and do small balls or small plate shape.

 Indian snack food Kobbari vadalu
kobbari vadalu mixer










Step 5: check if oil is heated then dropping the small portions of the mixer. It must rise in low made with out browning.

Step 6: mack the kobbari vada with your fingerers and drop in hot oil. you can drop 3-4 vada that is depending on your pan size.

Step 7: after 2 min’s flip the vada for fraying another side same and fry till coming golden colour and crispy. Remove and serve

Note: if you want oil free use tissue for drying.

 Indian snacks food Kobbari vadalu
Indian snack food Kobbari vadalu