Top 10 Historical places in India must know the history of India

Top 10 Historical places in India must know the history of India

Historical places in India

1. Tajmahal {Agra}

Tajmahal is one of the historical places in India. Tajmahal is one of the seven wonders of the world. The reason is only it looks gorgeous and added love. A soul is a glute with love, loss, and remorse, and love other time. the Mahal is an example of how deeply a man loves his wife that is a memory and he made that memory is not dwindling with love. this man was Mughal empower Shah Jahan, she was a Muslim Persian princess and he was a son of moghal empower Jahangir and grandson of Akbar the great. He meat to munthaj and fall in love that his age was 14 and after fiver, they got married in the year of 1612.

Taj mahal history
Taj Mahal

Shaja han gives to the gift to his lovely wife mutha for remembering his love that is in a gorgeous building that today known as” Tajmahal.”Taj Mahal construction is beginning in the year 1631 and it completed in after 22 years with 22000 laborers and 1000 elephants .the mahal enter build with white marbles, that is taken from all over India in central Asia. finally, taj mahal is complete in 1651 with approximately 32 million rupees


2. Qutub minor {Dehli}

Qutubu minor is one of the tallest minor in the world with made of bricks. This minor is also one of the historical places in India. This minor is an example to the overgrown of into is in me Harold at the Qutub complex in Delhi.UNESCO heritage site gives a pace in the most historical place in the world list.

Qutub Minor -Dhili
Qutub Minor -Dhili

Quthub minor is construction under interactions by Qutub-ud-Adhi-back so its called by his name Qutub minor. Its stared by Qutub ud-din and end by his son in law lltutmish. It builds in 1193. Qutub minor Hight is 237.8 pits and width is underground width is 14.3 meters and top of the minor width is 2.75miters it is totally 5 upstairs in totally in 399 steps. Qutub minor history is examples of sultanas democracy.



3. Amir port {Rajasthan}

This port established in the 16th century. It started in Raj man Singh during the time in his kingdom. The funder and the ruler of Jaipur city, Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh is an announcement for his region. The fort establishes in raj man Singh period too and its completed in the period of said Jai Singh in the 18th century. this fort is established by red stones and white stone and it arcisturcer is shown in Muslim and Hindu styles.

amer fort-sheesh mahal-shila devi temple
Amer Fort

And also some are most visiting historical places in India nearby Amer fort there are sheesh mahal {hall fill with miirrors},suhag madder, Shila Devi temple, Ganesh Pol,diwan-e-khaas, Singh Pol, Jai Mandir, Yash mandir, suk mandir………


4. Ajantha and Ellora caves {Maharastra}

India is one of the oldest historical monuments of the Ajanta and Ellora Claws. This is the largest excellence of the Indian architectural monuments. Waggora  River is close to the Ajanta and Ellora Caves that make it a delight to visitors. These caves are exclusively for all castes. Here, monasteries of Hindu temples and Muslim monasteries are the same for visitors, and Jain and Buddhist temples are also a treat to the eyes.

top ten mostly vistinghistorical places in india
Ajanta and Ellora claws











5. Victoria Memorial {Kolkata}

Kolkata Victoria memorial is one of the most historical places  to visit  India tour.  This memorial beside the Hooghly river. Victoria Memorial is built between 1906 to 1921 for the memory of Queen Victoria. now this building is a museum. The prince of walls, King George is started in January 4, 1906, this building was constructed by makrana marbles .this building hight starting from 228 feet  {69m}  and in the middle 338feet {103m}  and ending hight is 184 feet  {156m} and her garden is so attractive to people this garden designed by Lord Redesdale and David pain. and finally, this memorial was opened by the government to visit for people.

Totally cost off this construction 1 crore, 5 lax and this money arranged by all states in India, the British king, and British stets. In this memorial totally 25 galleries arranged, like a royal gallery, the national leader’s gallery, portrait gallery…more

victoria memorial










 6. Konark Temple {Odisha}

Konark Temple is located in the small town of Konark in the Puri District on the Bay of Bengal. It is recognized as the 13th century. The historical of Konark Temple dates back to 1238-1250 when it was built by King Ganga King Narasimha Deva. There is another history of the Konark temple also that Lord Krishna’s son was Samburu. It is believed that the curse was made by the Father and prayed to the Sun god on the banks of the Ganga river.

But in this structure, we can see the spectacular sculptures. The chariot of the chariot rat will be on the sun. In these eyes, the horses are seen as elephants in the eyes.

konark sun temple-odisha
konark- sun temple














7. Red Fort {Delhi}

Red Fort is best one of the historical places in India. Red Fort is all so-called Lal, Qal’ah. It’s also spelled Lall killa. It is located in old Delhi. This Fort built by Shah Jahan in 17 century{1856}.

The Red Fort 17 century of delhi
The Red Fort is a 17th century Delhi











8. Mysore Palace {Karnataka}

Mysore Palace is known as Abba palace. This palace is the first place of the Mysore royal family. It is still in know also official billed for living for the royal family.  This is called now the city of the palace. This palace is located in Karnataka. Mysore palace established in 1912 by the 24th regulator of woodier Dynasty. This palace is one of the biggest palaces in India. This palace front of architecture shows the Hindhu, Muslim, Rajput and Gothic styles. The Mysore palace is famous for Dasara narathri usthavam.

Mysore palace- dasara Usthavam in mysore palace
mysore palace










9. Gate Way of India {Mumbai}

Gateway of  India is located in Mumbai city of Maharashtra besides the Arabian sea. This establishment also one of the monuments of India. These monuments establish is belongs to the Cthrapathi Sivaji marge ending in the airport of Mumbai. This place used for landing of British governor and important persons. This is also called Tajmahal of Mumbai. this gateway outlook look like an India gateway of newdilhi.this stucher is a basalt arch and high is 26 m-85 feet. this is built starting in 1914 and end of the establishment in 1924.

Gateway of mumbai
Gateway of Mumbai











10. Hawa Mahal {Jaipur}

This is located in badi chaupad city of Jaipur. It was established in 1799.  This mahal totally covered by  953 windows. This Mahal is made by the best summer tour. These mahal windows are pink colored to attractive to people.