potato fry with onions- Spicy Aloo fry recipe

Potato fry with onions-spicy Aloo fry

Potato fry with onions is tasty food. Children’s and most of the people like the potato fry with rote, rice and dosha. Potato fry with onions is simple to prepare for breakfast and dinner. It’s not tacked too much time to prepare it takes only 15 mins. simply prepare and serve with rote, rice and dosha. Let’s go to the preparation of potato fry with onions and spicy aloo fry


  1. Potato        1/4 kg
  2. Onions         2
  3. Oil 4 to 6 spoons
  4. Mustard seeds  1 spoon
  5. Block gram  3 spoons
  6. Curry leaves 1 hand full
  7. Turmeric powder  1/2 spoons
  8. Red chilly powder 2 to 4 spoons {chose spicy}
  9. Salt  3 to 4  pinches
  10. Coriander powder 2 spoons
  11. Coriander








Potato fry with onions-spicy aloo fry

Preparation method:

Step 1: Pool the potato’s and  Onions and chop

potato fry with onion
potato chop{small size pieces}















Step 2: Heat oil in a pan over a low flame. Add the mustard seeds, black grams, green challis, and curry leaves. Add onion after two mins add ginger garlic paste and saute{fry} until golden.

Step 3: Add potatoes, turmeric powder and salt fry 3 to 5 mins

Step 4: Add red chilly powder coriander powder. Now cook 4 to 6 mins over low flame.

Step 5: Now remove and transfer into serving bowl.

Step 6: Finally serve with rote, rice and dosha to eat

potato fry with onion
spicy potato fry






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