Indian snacks food Kobbari vadalu

 Indian snacks food Kobbari vadalu

 Indian snack food Kobbari vadalu:

Indian snacks food Kobbari vadalu is one of them. It is very tasty to eat in monsoon time. Everyone liked to eat Kobbari vadalu. This recipe comes from our grandmothers. They use coconuts in pooja time after they utilize to like this. We should learn how to utilize food items then we should not waste the food.

I learned this recipe from one of my relatives. One day I went to their home at evening time. She gives this  Indian snack food Kobbari vadalu for me. That was so tasty and spicy. So I asked her how to prepare this recipe and witch ingredients’ wants to this recipe. She spooked all the process of kobbari vadalu.

I was done made in this  Indian snacks recipe it comes good testy. So I will share this recipe for who wants to the Eat spicy snacks at evening time.

Now we go to the recipe details.

 Indian snacks food Kobbari vadalu:


Desiccated Coconut -2

Green chili-15 to 20


Curry leaves -1 handful

Garlic -1

Cumin seeds



Oil for defraying

Preparation method

Step 1: coconut, red chillis, curry leaves, coriander, garlic, and cumin seeds, salt all items in blender jar.

Step 2: Add rice flour, baking soda and some water for {water quantity chooses to the doing vada}.

 Indian snack food Kobbari vadalu
Indian snack food Kobbari vadalu










Step 3: heat oil in the deep pan for defraying

Step 4: pick up the small portions and do small balls or small plate shape.

 Indian snack food Kobbari vadalu
kobbari vadalu mixer










Step 5: check if oil is heated then dropping the small portions of the mixer. It must rise in low made with out browning.

Step 6: mack the kobbari vada with your fingerers and drop in hot oil. you can drop 3-4 vada that is depending on your pan size.

Step 7: after 2 min’s flip the vada for fraying another side same and fry till coming golden colour and crispy. Remove and serve

Note: if you want oil free use tissue for drying.

 Indian snacks food Kobbari vadalu
Indian snack food Kobbari vadalu












potato fry with onions- Spicy Aloo fry recipe

potato fry with onions- Spicy Aloo fry recipe

Potato fry with onions-spicy Aloo fry

Potato fry with onions is tasty food. Children’s and most of the people like the potato fry with rote, rice and dosha. Potato fry with onions is simple to prepare for breakfast and dinner. It’s not tacked too much time to prepare it takes only 15 mins. simply prepare and serve with rote, rice and dosha. Let’s go to the preparation of potato fry with onions and spicy aloo fry


  1. Potato        1/4 kg
  2. Onions         2
  3. Oil 4 to 6 spoons
  4. Mustard seeds  1 spoon
  5. Block gram  3 spoons
  6. Curry leaves 1 hand full
  7. Turmeric powder  1/2 spoons
  8. Red chilly powder 2 to 4 spoons {chose spicy}
  9. Salt  3 to 4  pinches
  10. Coriander powder 2 spoons
  11. Coriander








Potato fry with onions-spicy aloo fry

Preparation method:

Step 1: Pool the potato’s and  Onions and chop

potato fry with onion
potato chop{small size pieces}















Step 2: Heat oil in a pan over a low flame. Add the mustard seeds, black grams, green challis, and curry leaves. Add onion after two mins add ginger garlic paste and saute{fry} until golden.

Step 3: Add potatoes, turmeric powder and salt fry 3 to 5 mins

Step 4: Add red chilly powder coriander powder. Now cook 4 to 6 mins over low flame.

Step 5: Now remove and transfer into serving bowl.

Step 6: Finally serve with rote, rice and dosha to eat

potato fry with onion
spicy potato fry





Sweets and snaks with midha – indian recipe

Sweets and snaks with midha – indian recipe

Indian women’s try to make different sweets with sugar syrup. They think sweets and some snacks always available in their homes because sometimes guests come suddenly when we don’t have time for preparing for them so when this type of food sweets or snacks helpful to housewives…so they always stocked some save made with sugar…
most of  the women make sweets with sugar syrup and maidha pindi
Indian Sweets with sugar syrup|midha Pindi-white flour

shankuses with white flour and sugar syrup:


  1. Two cups white flour(midha pindi)
  2. milk 1/2 liter
  3. sugar 1/2 kg
  4. cardamom 5 to 6
  5. Oil for frying


Preparation method:


firstly boil the milk and wait for some time milk comes normal temparecher.


Now milk adding to maidha flour ( maidha pindi) it comes with chapathi pindi and also adds the cardamom powder in that maidha pindi


After that, we make a roti and do this spring rolls and cut small sizes pieces for small size chapati or puri

and make small roti cut the middle in roti sometimes and the role the roti


Now  all prepared by shankues with maidha Pindi  and fry all shankuses


get one bowel and add sugar and 1 1/2 to 2 glasses of water put in the stove cook 10 to 15 mins … sugar melts then whenever frying shankuse dip in the sugar syrup directly.wite 1 or 2 mins the serve to eat.






Undralla Payasam Recepi-Bellam|Coconut|Wheat Flour

Undralla Payasam Recepi-Bellam|Coconut|Wheat Flour

Ganesh Chathurdasi Nayevedyam(UNDRALLA PAYASAM) recepi

Hi, friends are you looking for what is the favorite food for Vinayaka. And are you troubling how to find the recipe for Vinayaka Chaturdashi? Are looking for how to prepare undralla payasam recipe. just you read the post completely you will find all the answers to your doubts. Now go to the post…

Recipe Prepared By

Smt Sharadha Badhagouni


1.Wheat flour one bowl

2.Rice flour 1/2 bowl

3.coconut flour (two waves of peace of coconuts)

4.Milk 1 litter

5. Bellam or sugar

6.Cardamoms 6


8.pappy seeds

Undralla payasam  recipe:



Undralla payasam recipe:-

Add 1 cup Wheat flour with water like a rotti (chapathi) making pindi. After that, we should make round small balls with that pindi. Rice-flour adds to when making in balls for wetting balls.

undrallu payasam for vinayaka chavitthi
making undrallu








step2: Now we took a bowl and put on the stove add  3 -4 glasses of water

step3: Now add the already made small ball with rice flour and waite for 15 mins …its cooking







step4: Add the bellam or sugar what you want to consider for sweet.all so waite some 5 mins

step5: Now  add the coconut flour and milk and all so cardamom powder and poppy seeds

Last step when the payasam coming in complete stage then add neyye and waite for five mins and off the stove


NOTE: I will include all the steps by steps images in soonly.

The undralla payasam is very and must be nayevedyam for Vinayaka  Ganesh Chathurdasi.