Indian snacks food Kobbari vadalu

 Indian snacks food Kobbari vadalu

 Indian snack food Kobbari vadalu:

Indian snacks food Kobbari vadalu is one of them. It is very tasty to eat in monsoon time. Everyone liked to eat Kobbari vadalu. This recipe comes from our grandmothers. They use coconuts in pooja time after they utilize to like this. We should learn how to utilize food items then we should not waste the food.

I learned this recipe from one of my relatives. One day I went to their home at evening time. She gives this  Indian snack food Kobbari vadalu for me. That was so tasty and spicy. So I asked her how to prepare this recipe and witch ingredients’ wants to this recipe. She spooked all the process of kobbari vadalu.

I was done made in this  Indian snacks recipe it comes good testy. So I will share this recipe for who wants to the Eat spicy snacks at evening time.

Now we go to the recipe details.

 Indian snacks food Kobbari vadalu:


Desiccated Coconut -2

Green chili-15 to 20


Curry leaves -1 handful

Garlic -1

Cumin seeds



Oil for defraying

Preparation method

Step 1: coconut, red chillis, curry leaves, coriander, garlic, and cumin seeds, salt all items in blender jar.

Step 2: Add rice flour, baking soda and some water for {water quantity chooses to the doing vada}.

 Indian snack food Kobbari vadalu
Indian snack food Kobbari vadalu










Step 3: heat oil in the deep pan for defraying

Step 4: pick up the small portions and do small balls or small plate shape.

 Indian snack food Kobbari vadalu
kobbari vadalu mixer










Step 5: check if oil is heated then dropping the small portions of the mixer. It must rise in low made with out browning.

Step 6: mack the kobbari vada with your fingerers and drop in hot oil. you can drop 3-4 vada that is depending on your pan size.

Step 7: after 2 min’s flip the vada for fraying another side same and fry till coming golden colour and crispy. Remove and serve

Note: if you want oil free use tissue for drying.

 Indian snacks food Kobbari vadalu
Indian snack food Kobbari vadalu











Thugs of Hindostan Telugu review-first day collections in world

Thugs of Hindostan Telugu review-first day collections in world

Thugs of Hindostan Telugu

Thugs of Hindostan Telugu dubbed epic action-adventure movie. Thug’s of Hindustan is directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya. Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif, Fatima Sana Shaikh and Lloyd Owen starring In this movie.
Thugs of Hindustan is a Hindi epic movie it was dubbed movie. it is also released in Telugu and Tamil  languages with the same title. The movie is based on Philip Meadows Taylor 1839 novel confessions of a thug. This movie produced by Aditya Chopra under his banner Yash Raj films. This total movie runtime is 2.45 hours.

Thugs of Hindostan telugu story:

Thugs_of_Hindostan telugu review first day collections
Thugs_of_Hindostan telugu review first day collections







Finally, thugs of hindustan is comes to front of  the audience. Since 1795 the movie is about Indian bandits known as thugs lead by khuda baksh azaad(Amitabh Bachchan), who wants to free the country from the British East India company which had takeover of large parts of India. british commander john clive Lloyd Owen sends small-time thugs firangi Mallh {aamir khan}, to poach and counter the fear.

Thugs of Hindostan telugu review:

finally,movie screening on theaters. Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan are excellent performances. which are the highlights of thugs of Hindustan. Lloyd Owen has done great to his role and his one of the pulse point for this movie.

katrina kaif and Fatima Sana Shaikh also did a good job with their roles.  Thugs of Hindustan Telugu  another good response comes with Telugu, Tamil audience.  therefore reviewers also say the good opinion of this movie.
Thugs of Hindustan has Hollywood standards and best production values.ajay-atul’s music direction and John Stewart eduri background is good.

This movie cinematography are attractions to the viewers. action, costumes and dialogues are the most attractive to the audience. also, thugs of Hindustan is totally releasing across 5000 screens in India and 2000 screens in others countries. telugu critical reviewers say about this movie it reached 40 crores on its opening day. lets weights for results.



Savyasachi telugu movie review – first day box office collections

Savyasachi telugu movie review – first day  box office collections

Savyasachi Telugu movie:

Savyasachi telugu movie is a Naga Chaitanya new movie. Premum movie director Chandoo mondeti does this movie. Naga Chaitanya and Nidhi Agrawal play the hero and heroin roles. K. Madhavan hero plays a negative role in this movie and M.M Keeravani is music director of this movie. Vennela Kishore is a part of this movie in a comedy role and Bhumika Chawla in a special support role. this movie produces under mythri movie makers. producers Naveen.y, c.v Mohan and y. Ravi Shankar.

Savyasachi telugu movie story:

Naga Chaitanya plays as Vikram, Aditya and Nidhi play Chithra role in this movie.  they born at the same time as twins with the reason of vanishing twin syndrome at one body.  Vikramaditya likes his sister {bhumik} daughter Mahalaxmi.  Vikram feels his mother lives in his niece. so he Indulges his niece. one day suddenly Mahalaxmi was kidnapped. so the main story depends on this story. who is the kidnapper… why do this kidnap are any connections with this kidnap. how to save his niece from kidnappers. this is the story

Savyasachi Telugu movie review:

Once again naga Chaitanya proves his acting talent with a double role in this savyasachi telugu movie. His looks very fresh and also mass. His attractive audience with acting and comedy scenes. Vennela Kishore and Naga Chaitanya between the comedy scenes pulse points. Nidhi also did the job with her role.  K.Madhavan also turning to his side audience with is acting in a negative role.  other all the actors also did a very good job in their roles.

savyasachi telugu movie
Naga Chaitanya in savyasachi







Chadoo mandeti is directing this movie. he chose a different story but he did not complete the concept.  He didn’t showen best scenes between Chaitanya and Madhavan. He doesn’t show bettas fight scenes between hero and villain. M.M Keeravani music also averages of this movie but the background music is good. the cinematography is also average of this savyasachi.

finally, we should watch this movie at one time. auditions 3 stars given for this savyasachi telugu movie.

Savasachi telugu movie first day collections:

savyasachi telugu movie first day running successfully. Before that this movie tesouras and trailers create big higfe. These movie promotions are also a good reason for movie success. a multi fuels response comes from the audience. This movie USA premier shows responses also good form audience. Savyasachi telugu movie released in 87 locations in usa and total collections is $74667 at November 1. Naga chaitanya last movie sailaja reddy alludu movie collections $107448 and premam movie collections $74219. let’s see the savyasachi beet his  last movie records. Finally, savyasachi  telugu movie first day grocery amount is 2.9 crores.  let’s see the weekend collections. How much get the collections and where it is standing in Telugu box office.





N.T.R Biopic Telugu Movie-NTR Kathanayakudu Biopic vidya…

N.T.R Biopic Telugu Movie-NTR Kathanayakudu Biopic vidya…

N.T.R biopic- Vidya Balan as Basavatarakam

N.T.R biopic telugu movie is a Nandamuri Balakrishna new upcoming Telugu movie N.T.R bio0pic that’s what everyone knows. This film is directing by director Krish. It’s releasing in the before Sankranthi in January 2019 for the gift of Balayya babu fans. Recently some changes come in this movie title. This tells to we N.T.R biopic is coming in two parts of the movie. The first part name N.T.R Kathanayakudu and the second part name is N.T.R Mahanayakudu or Prajaanayakudu.

Balayya Babu will be playing the role of N.T.R and  Vidya Balan will be playing the role of wife  Basavatarakam in N.T.R biopic. Now according to the latest updates, the wedding ceremony of Vidya Balan as Basavatarakam and Nandamuri Balakrishna as N.T.R. This ceremony his highlights of the upcoming  N.T.R biopic telugu movie.

Vidya Balan-Basavatarakam

Vidya Balan recently announced about her role as Basavatarakam in N.T.R biopic. She also shares in the social media photos of Basavatarakam.  That photo Vidya Balan looks very pretty with bing round bottu and long hairs in the traditional sari.

Daggubati Rana who was the fame of Bahubali Gazi movies and in this movie playing the other one the main leading role as Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu. Nandamuri Kalyan will be playing his father’s’ role as Nandamuri Harikrishna in the upcoming biopic. Rakul Preet Singh is playing Sridevi role in the N.T.R biopic Telugu movie.

N.T.R biopic telugu movie
Rana as Chandra Babu Naidu






N.T.R  Biopic Telugu Movie.

In this biopic have another biggest important role in N.T.R  film industry life.  That is Akkineni Nageswara Rao  {ANR}. He is a competitor in films. Sumanth is playing his grandfather  ANR role.  In this movie not crated at Laxmi Parvathi role as the second wife of N.T.R. M.M Keravanee music director music directed or this movie.

Sumanh as ANR in N.T.R biopic
Sumanth as ANR in N.T.R biopic









Ballaya fans just waiting for his upcoming movie that to his father biopic. Late’s see how to be impressing his fans with movie.

Veera Bhoga Vasantha Rayalu Telugu Movie First Day Collections-Review

Veera Bhoga Vasantha Rayalu Telugu Movie First Day Collections-Review

Veera Bhoga Vasantha Rayalu Telugu Movie First Day Collections-Review

Veera Bhoga Vasantha rayalu Telugu movie is screening in theaters. what is the public talk in this movie? what is the reviewer’s opinion about this movie? Veera bhoga vasantha rayalu telugu movie is one of the thriller movies. This is a multi starrer movie. Nara Rohit, Shriya Saran, Sri Vishnu, and Sudheer Babu acted in this movie. This movie produced under BaBa Creations pathakam by Appa Rao bellana. A new director Indra Sena introduced by this movie.

These movie first look posters are very impressing and Qriocity to watch this movie. Veera BhogaVasanthaa rayalu telugu movie comes in front off the adiouns in yesterday oct 26 in india before that it screening as premier shows in usa.

Veera-Bhoga-Vasantha-Rayalu telugu movie first day collections
Veera-Bhoga-Vasantha-Rayalu telugu movie










The public talk is very unexpectedly comes for this movie some people are tell it is thrilling and funny and some people are it is a average movie, not problam watch one time. Anyway it is one more different story movie in the telugu film industry.


This movie veera bhoga vasantha rayalu is based on three crime stories.  The first one is flight hijack witch airlines traveling who was travel in this airlines as celebrities cricket players and VIPs Naara rohith, Sriya take up this cause. And the Second one is  Orphaned children’s kidnaped in untimely in the city. The third cause is very different that is one girl give a compliant my house is missing wherever takeup by Sudheer. Who is the hijacked flight? .what is the relationship between the tree causes?. Government accept the hijacker demands or not? That is the main story of this movie.

Veera Bhoga Vasantha Rayalu Telugu Movie First Day Collections

veera bhoga vasantha rayalu Telugu movie reviews comes differently from reviewers. But this movie going to good to see in box-office collections. this is feasible with this movie tory. Anyway, this movie also gets good collections in Telugu box office. veera bhoga Vasantha rayalu Telugu movie first-day collections totally in 1.20 crores. It’s going to many collections.

potato fry with onions- Spicy Aloo fry recipe

potato fry with onions- Spicy Aloo fry recipe

Potato fry with onions-spicy Aloo fry

Potato fry with onions is tasty food. Children’s and most of the people like the potato fry with rote, rice and dosha. Potato fry with onions is simple to prepare for breakfast and dinner. It’s not tacked too much time to prepare it takes only 15 mins. simply prepare and serve with rote, rice and dosha. Let’s go to the preparation of potato fry with onions and spicy aloo fry


  1. Potato        1/4 kg
  2. Onions         2
  3. Oil 4 to 6 spoons
  4. Mustard seeds  1 spoon
  5. Block gram  3 spoons
  6. Curry leaves 1 hand full
  7. Turmeric powder  1/2 spoons
  8. Red chilly powder 2 to 4 spoons {chose spicy}
  9. Salt  3 to 4  pinches
  10. Coriander powder 2 spoons
  11. Coriander








Potato fry with onions-spicy aloo fry

Preparation method:

Step 1: Pool the potato’s and  Onions and chop

potato fry with onion
potato chop{small size pieces}















Step 2: Heat oil in a pan over a low flame. Add the mustard seeds, black grams, green challis, and curry leaves. Add onion after two mins add ginger garlic paste and saute{fry} until golden.

Step 3: Add potatoes, turmeric powder and salt fry 3 to 5 mins

Step 4: Add red chilly powder coriander powder. Now cook 4 to 6 mins over low flame.

Step 5: Now remove and transfer into serving bowl.

Step 6: Finally serve with rote, rice and dosha to eat

potato fry with onion
spicy potato fry




Aravinda Sametha movie telugu reviwe -Box-office collections

Aravinda Sametha movie telugu reviwe -Box-office collections

Aravinda Sametha movie:

Aravinda Sametha movie Vera Raghava is a new Jr.Ntr movie.   Jr N.T.R  and Pooja Hegde starrer in this movie. This movie directed by Trivikram Srinivas and music composed by S.S Thaman. Naga Babu and Jagapathi Babu also played main roles in this movie. After a long time, Sunil comes back to as a comedian.

aravinda sametha
Aravinda sametha NTR six-pack poster






Basi Reddy {Jaapathi babu}, Narapu reddy are biggest factionists in Rayalaseema area. They are fighting up to 30 years. Vera Raghava reddy  {ntr} son of Narapu reddy he comes back to the village after 12 years. At the same time, Narapu Reddy killed by Basi Reddy, Vera Raghava reddy fight with opposite factionists but he went to another place. There he met a Pooja Hegde and fell in love with her. He got a plan to stop the factionalism.


NTR fans had to wait for Aravida Sametha movie, finally, the movie comes to the front audience. Now what is this movie talk with publik is it reach the audiunce expartastions or Not…?

Aravida Sametha is almost reached to the audience expartactions. It is totally based on a story.  Dilogus and Comedy dont have many places in this movie. First, 20 min’s ntr introduction was super and it continues the same form in other 20 mints . after second off going to interested finally this is one of the biggest movies to ntr and trivikaram.

aravinda sametha movie
aravinda sametha







Ntr acting once more mesmerizing to the fans and Pooja Hegde is own dubbing in this movie . All actors are a good job with their roles.

Aaravinda Sametha Telugu movie first-day collections:

Jr. Ntr starrer Aravinda Sametha telugu movie released on Oct 11. Box office collection king ntr one more time prove his tallet in box office collections. These movie first day collections were the highest gross total in Ntr collections. And in USA box office collections was almost reach to the one million dollars with 200 above screenplays primiyor shows.

In Telugu box office also create the record of ntr collections. This collection form is going to the same form it will reach one of the blog buster movie lists in 2018.  And pre-event collections also good results for this movie. pre-event total collections were 92 crores.



Top 10 Historical places in India must know the history of India

Top 10 Historical places in India must know the history of India

Historical places in India

1. Tajmahal {Agra}

Tajmahal is one of the historical places in India. Tajmahal is one of the seven wonders of the world. The reason is only it looks gorgeous and added love. A soul is a glute with love, loss, and remorse, and love other time. the Mahal is an example of how deeply a man loves his wife that is a memory and he made that memory is not dwindling with love. this man was Mughal empower Shah Jahan, she was a Muslim Persian princess and he was a son of moghal empower Jahangir and grandson of Akbar the great. He meat to munthaj and fall in love that his age was 14 and after fiver, they got married in the year of 1612.

Taj mahal history
Taj Mahal

Shaja han gives to the gift to his lovely wife mutha for remembering his love that is in a gorgeous building that today known as” Tajmahal.”Taj Mahal construction is beginning in the year 1631 and it completed in after 22 years with 22000 laborers and 1000 elephants .the mahal enter build with white marbles, that is taken from all over India in central Asia. finally, taj mahal is complete in 1651 with approximately 32 million rupees


2. Qutub minor {Dehli}

Qutubu minor is one of the tallest minor in the world with made of bricks. This minor is also one of the historical places in India. This minor is an example to the overgrown of into is in me Harold at the Qutub complex in Delhi.UNESCO heritage site gives a pace in the most historical place in the world list.

Qutub Minor -Dhili
Qutub Minor -Dhili

Quthub minor is construction under interactions by Qutub-ud-Adhi-back so its called by his name Qutub minor. Its stared by Qutub ud-din and end by his son in law lltutmish. It builds in 1193. Qutub minor Hight is 237.8 pits and width is underground width is 14.3 meters and top of the minor width is 2.75miters it is totally 5 upstairs in totally in 399 steps. Qutub minor history is examples of sultanas democracy.



3. Amir port {Rajasthan}

This port established in the 16th century. It started in Raj man Singh during the time in his kingdom. The funder and the ruler of Jaipur city, Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh is an announcement for his region. The fort establishes in raj man Singh period too and its completed in the period of said Jai Singh in the 18th century. this fort is established by red stones and white stone and it arcisturcer is shown in Muslim and Hindu styles.

amer fort-sheesh mahal-shila devi temple
Amer Fort

And also some are most visiting historical places in India nearby Amer fort there are sheesh mahal {hall fill with miirrors},suhag madder, Shila Devi temple, Ganesh Pol,diwan-e-khaas, Singh Pol, Jai Mandir, Yash mandir, suk mandir………


4. Ajantha and Ellora caves {Maharastra}

India is one of the oldest historical monuments of the Ajanta and Ellora Claws. This is the largest excellence of the Indian architectural monuments. Waggora  River is close to the Ajanta and Ellora Caves that make it a delight to visitors. These caves are exclusively for all castes. Here, monasteries of Hindu temples and Muslim monasteries are the same for visitors, and Jain and Buddhist temples are also a treat to the eyes.

top ten mostly vistinghistorical places in india
Ajanta and Ellora claws











5. Victoria Memorial {Kolkata}

Kolkata Victoria memorial is one of the most historical places  to visit  India tour.  This memorial beside the Hooghly river. Victoria Memorial is built between 1906 to 1921 for the memory of Queen Victoria. now this building is a museum. The prince of walls, King George is started in January 4, 1906, this building was constructed by makrana marbles .this building hight starting from 228 feet  {69m}  and in the middle 338feet {103m}  and ending hight is 184 feet  {156m} and her garden is so attractive to people this garden designed by Lord Redesdale and David pain. and finally, this memorial was opened by the government to visit for people.

Totally cost off this construction 1 crore, 5 lax and this money arranged by all states in India, the British king, and British stets. In this memorial totally 25 galleries arranged, like a royal gallery, the national leader’s gallery, portrait gallery…more

victoria memorial










 6. Konark Temple {Odisha}

Konark Temple is located in the small town of Konark in the Puri District on the Bay of Bengal. It is recognized as the 13th century. The historical of Konark Temple dates back to 1238-1250 when it was built by King Ganga King Narasimha Deva. There is another history of the Konark temple also that Lord Krishna’s son was Samburu. It is believed that the curse was made by the Father and prayed to the Sun god on the banks of the Ganga river.

But in this structure, we can see the spectacular sculptures. The chariot of the chariot rat will be on the sun. In these eyes, the horses are seen as elephants in the eyes.

konark sun temple-odisha
konark- sun temple














7. Red Fort {Delhi}

Red Fort is best one of the historical places in India. Red Fort is all so-called Lal, Qal’ah. It’s also spelled Lall killa. It is located in old Delhi. This Fort built by Shah Jahan in 17 century{1856}.

The Red Fort 17 century of delhi
The Red Fort is a 17th century Delhi











8. Mysore Palace {Karnataka}

Mysore Palace is known as Abba palace. This palace is the first place of the Mysore royal family. It is still in know also official billed for living for the royal family.  This is called now the city of the palace. This palace is located in Karnataka. Mysore palace established in 1912 by the 24th regulator of woodier Dynasty. This palace is one of the biggest palaces in India. This palace front of architecture shows the Hindhu, Muslim, Rajput and Gothic styles. The Mysore palace is famous for Dasara narathri usthavam.

Mysore palace- dasara Usthavam in mysore palace
mysore palace










9. Gate Way of India {Mumbai}

Gateway of  India is located in Mumbai city of Maharashtra besides the Arabian sea. This establishment also one of the monuments of India. These monuments establish is belongs to the Cthrapathi Sivaji marge ending in the airport of Mumbai. This place used for landing of British governor and important persons. This is also called Tajmahal of Mumbai. this gateway outlook look like an India gateway of newdilhi.this stucher is a basalt arch and high is 26 m-85 feet. this is built starting in 1914 and end of the establishment in 1924.

Gateway of mumbai
Gateway of Mumbai











10. Hawa Mahal {Jaipur}

This is located in badi chaupad city of Jaipur. It was established in 1799.  This mahal totally covered by  953 windows. This Mahal is made by the best summer tour. These mahal windows are pink colored to attractive to people.












Bigg boss 2 Telugu title winner -Kousal Mande, Githa Madhuri

Bigg boss 2 Telugu title winner -Kousal Mande,  Githa  Madhuri

Bigg Boss 2 in Telugu   Today last day.and finally what is the public expected person in titular results comes in front of the public.

big boss 2 title winner finally

Kousal Mande is the winner of the Bigg Boss 2 title. And leade in the second runner of the winner is Githa Madhuri


devdas movie first day collections telugu box

devdas movie first day collections telugu box


The movie devdas movie first day, who co-starred with Akkineni Nagarjuna and natural star Nani a film directed by Sriram. Finally,  comes to the front of the audience on Thursday. This film entertained to the audience However, this movie did not only entertain the audience but also, it gives profit to the producers and owners of the theater.

devdas first day collections:

Devadas telugu movie first day  Box Office collections  Totally 11.50 cross.  These movie collections work well for Nagarjuna and Nani. Nani MCA Movie Collections was 15.50 cross has been in first places, this Devadas movie leading the second place.

Devadas telugu movie first day collections Devadas telugu movie first day collections